I Am Disability

By Nelson

I am disability

I am disability you may not know me yet because I am very, very shy and withdrawn. Because of this I don’t make friends easily and I live in the shadows and darkness, mostly just out of sight at the edge of your vision.

If you look carefully, you can see me though! That’s me just behind the Ice cream van! I look like a car and I will cripple a child if I can. I sometimes sneak up on people from behind usually those who are old and tired, but sometimes I like a bit of fun and sneak up on the young too. Its so easy to give someone a stroke when they are least expecting it.

I am the curled up corner of carpet that trips you up at the top of the stairs. Sometimes I sneak up really slow and suddenly twist your joints out of shape as I deliver the gift of arthritis. That takes years and you never blame me, you always blame your work. I am a fibre and I will embed myself into the wall of your lung waiting years to bring you down with Cancer, oh I’m patient.

Many of you think I will never pay you a visit, well just think, I already may have been to your body, remember that fall you had as a child? It was me, laying the foundations of an arthritic knee when you were just 10. Oh yes, children are not exempt, neither are the rich, the famous or those who feel they are all powerful.

It may take me all of your life to get to you but I’m busy, I will get around to you some day, when you are least expecting it.

So remember me when you are running up stairs, when you see one of my customers in a wheel chair, the next time you visit your old mum and she says the cold is making her fingers hurt.

I am disability and I don’t care at all.

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