Miliband Pledges to Publish Risk Register, Reverse NHS Reforms

By Tim Hardy

Actually he doesn’t. But he did create a Facebook poll.

Miliband Shows Leadership

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Labour supporters are busy right now proclaiming that Labour will reverse the Health and Social Care bill.

They won’t.

Andy Burnham has promised to do so – but he is not the leader and there is no guarantee he’ll have the health portfolio when Labour do next limp into power.

The leader of the Opposition has had countless opportunities to back the promises of his Shadow Health Minister and has significantly failed to do so.

There is only one possible interpretation to give his silence.

The Labour leadership is giving tacit support to these reforms while hoping to get a bit of credit for not being the ones pushing them through.

Opening healthcare up to markets happened under Labour. “Margaret Thatcher never privatised a fraction as much as Tony Blair.” They may lack some of the cynicism of the Tories but they’re every bit as dewy-eyed about the magical promises of the free markets.

Miliband has already backed the Conservatives on selling off council houses and restricting the power of unions. It’s just a question of time before he stands up and announces “Labour was wrong to oppose the Health and Social Care bill.”

Labour showed their contempt for the most vulnerable and a willingness to act undemocratically when they supported the Conservatives in criminalising squatting.

By all means vote for them if you genuinely believe in their policies.

However, if you love the NHS and feel sickened by what the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have done, don’t deceive yourself that a vote for Labour at the next election will make it all better.

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4 thoughts on “Miliband Pledges to Publish Risk Register, Reverse NHS Reforms

  1. I agree with Tim’s post and most of his reply, and I’m puzzled by the first comment which seems to imply that blog posts should maintain some kind of party line. We don’t really need any more propaganda to be spewed out – the mainstream media take care of that – and people are actually capable of collecting and weighing up information from sources like this as part of the process of forming independent judgements. In any case, some of us have already made a decision regarding the value of Labour’s pledges.

    I’m not planning to waste any energy putting pressure on Miliband because I’ve got no intention of ever voting for any of the three main parties again after this fiasco. From now on I consider myself free to make a moral decision rather than a tactical one, and if that means voting for a candidate who hasn’t got a chance of getting elected I shall be fine with that. If there’s no acceptable choice on offer I shan’t vote at all – I’m sick of being coerced by the ‘good citizen’ argument into legitimising a system that doesn’t give a toss about ordinary people’s lives.

    • Thanks Angela.

      I should point out that I have no intention of voting Labour either – what I should have said is that if Labour supporters want to save the NHS they need to put pressure now on Miliband.

      I’d rather people helped build a real alternative to the two-party state but if I can’t convince you to make, as Angela so rightly says, a moral decision rather than a tactical one, then please at the very least don’t let Labour continue to drift further to the right unchallenged.

  2. Sorry I stand by what I wrote.

    I reject the argument that you should hold your nose and vote Labour. They need to start earning the vote rather than just playing good cop to the Tory bad.

    I’d linked in the post to the Burnham speech you quote. If Miliband can’t pledge to back this now – when opposition to the bill is at it’s strongest – he’s not going to do it in the future. If we want to reverse this bill we need to put pressure on him now before he weasels out. I’m very happy to apply that pressure.

  3. Tim,

    Please don’t encourage people to split the votes. We need everyone to either vote Labour or the Independents to ensure we get back our NHS. We have to keep the pressure on Labour before and after they are elected to keep their promise. Andy Burnham made the promise on behalf of the Labour Party. This is what he said today:

    ” While on a day like today it’s hard for me to give any encouragement people worried about what the Government is doing, I can at least say this: that we will repeal this bill at the first opportunity and restore the N in NHS. We have given this fight all we had. All I can say is our fight will go on to protect and restore our party’s finest achievement.”

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