House of Lords Votes Against Transparency in Government

By Tim Hardy

Lord Owen lost his amendment this afternoon by 213 to 328 votes with the enemies of open government resorting to increasingly ridiculous arguments to defend the government’s refusal to release the risk register. Andy Burnham has made a last-minute request which will lead to a brief debate on the risk register, this time in the Commons, to be held tomorrow as first item of public business. It’s hard to see it having any effect.

Andy Burnham has put up a good fight but in general Labour resistance to this bill has been lacklustreunderwhelming and late, with critics attacked and alternative voices excluded. People complaining about a media blackout over the weekend’s protests might want to ask themselves about the Labour social media blackout. Where was the outrage at police tactics from those who have been enjoying the limelight as champions of the NHS over the last few weeks?

There is a strong sense that many in Labour have just assumed that the pro-NHS vote will go their way which reflects their tendency to take voters for granted and is why they’re feeling threatened by the possibility of an election campaign from independent GPs.

Already, some Labour voices are making the kind of argument that historically leads to them avoiding reversing reforms once they get power.

Those not alienated by the Labour campaigners’ authoritarian attitude towards what kinds of protest are allowed might want to join them in holding a candle in the wind to mourn the NHS tonight.

Or you could just call in sick and take the credit anyway.

A plague on all your houses.

3 thoughts on “House of Lords Votes Against Transparency in Government

  1. Well said Tim, Labour are a disgrace. I suspect that the Blairite New Labour tendency in the party are quite happy with the Bill anyway – saves them having to do something similar when and if they get into power.

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