First Hospitals, then Roads: Cameron Puts UK up for Sale

By Tim Hardy

The president of the AA, Edmund King, has condemned Cameron’s plan to privatise the roads, telling the Today show:

I think if it’s compared to the water industry, which apparently the Prime Minster’s going to do, I think many consumers, drivers, are going to raise their eyebrows at that because with the water industry we did see the water companies make big profits initially, 147% between 1990-97 but at the same time , water bills and sewage bills went up by 42% and 36%.

His warning about what will happen to the motorways rings true for what will happen to our hospitals if the Health and Social Care bill is passed.

Today Lady Thornton, Labour’s health spokeswoman in the Lords, will put forward a motion asking peers to halt the bill. Such motions are rare as is her blunt accusation that the government have lied to push through their reforms.

Peers will also be voting on Lord Owen’s demand that the final reading be delayed until the government release the risk register that they are hiding which outlines the dangers of their reforms.  For a hint at what this document might contain, see the Faculty of Public Health report. No wonder the government is happier to break the law than to release it.

Details of today’s Health and Social Care Bill: Third reading are here.