Peaceful Demo to #SaveOurNHS Marred by Violent Police Minority

Police arrive at NHS Demo with machine guns

(via @HeardinLondon.)

Peaceful demonstrators in London protesting the Health and Social Care bill found themselves faced with grotesquely disproportionate force from the police. Some protesters are still being detained in a kettle at the moment.

See storify for key moments from this afternoon:

[View the story “Peaceful Demo to Save the NHS Marred by Violent Minority of Police Sat 17 March ” on Storify]

Update: added second image

Armed police with machine guns getting back into van at NHS demo 17 March 2012

(via @WailQ)

Kate Belgrave has uploaded the following video of police manhandling and shoving over a woman at the protests:

@LatentExistence has put together another timeline of the protest here.