Doctors to Decimate Dishonest Tories and Lib Dems Over NHS

By Tim Hardy

Doctors Bid to Unseat 50 MPs in Revenge for NHS Bill

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For the background to this story see this post from yesterday.

If doctors standing as independent candidates took back fifty seats from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats at the next election, it would crush both parties and warn politicians of whatever hue what will happen if they continue to take the people for granted.

Our political system is rotten to the core with politicians, the media and the police colluding to protect the interests of the powerful and make a mockery of justice and democracy.

For too long MPs have ignored those they are supposed to represent and pandered only to the interests of those who fund them. This is the start of a serious challenge to one aspect of the elite’s monopoly of power.

It is tempting to describe this as an attempt to occupy the ballot box but as Mike Czech has warned in To Occupy Everywhere is to Occupy Nowhere:

There are very few certain commonalities between those across the world who are camped out on the streets of their cities, but perhaps the most obvious is that they have lost faith in established democratic processes and are demanding (and creating) a new way to have their voices heard. Telling them to return to Parliamentary voting, even under the trendy guise of “occupying the ballot box”, is to miss the point entirely. Furthermore, the more ubiquitously the word “occupy” is used, the more it becomes the default verb for any kind of political engagement, the more meaningless it is. Put simply; to #occupyeverywhere is to occupy nowhere.

Nonetheless, even if one believes that an equitable society will require a genuine devolution of power locally and that ultimately much of the current apparatus of the state must wither away, such a challenge to party politics as this move by fifty doctors to hold unprincipled politicians to account should, I believe, be embraced as a positive move even by those who believe the old anarchist saying, Whoever you vote for, the Government always gets in. 

To have fifty single-issue MPs win seats at the next election won’t transform the UK overnight but it will do much to restore faith to people who for too long have believed that what they think makes no difference because the current system makes their opinions worthless.

Just as Occupy gave us fresh hope, perhaps such a victory at the ballot is what we need to make us more bold in our future demands.

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  1. Does anyone know if the doctors have a website or anyway i can contribute and provide support for them?

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