Mother’s Day – This Time it’s Personal #BlockTheBillBuilders

By @HeardInLondon

The assault on the NHS is accelerating into a massacre and there is only one person that can stop it.

Politicians in this country do not want free health care for the people of this country.  Andrew Lansley himself has his office funded by a private healthcare company. There is only one person that can save the NHS from the mortuary – and that is YOU.  Hundreds and thousands of you.

The politicians proved they have no intention of listening to the public or the medical professionals. Despite so much opposition, they still intend to make this bill law by 20 March. The only way we can get this bill dropped is to get the House of Lords to hear us.  And our voice has to be loud and diverse.

It is not enough to think this is a done deal.  It is not enough to say you emailed an MP.  It is not enough to say you read a story once about someone having to wait five hours for an X-ray.  We need to be out on the streets.  We need to be visual and we need to be big.  And we need to be fast.

Sunday 18th March is Mother’s Day.

The mother of all health services needs some motherly love on that day.

A call to action has been raised in London for a march on 17th – which is brilliant, be there, but we potentially have EIGHT DAYS to get our voices heard and we need to use every opportunity we have.

I propose at 1pm on Mother’s Day we attempt to turn Parliament Square into a graveyard.  Could we fill the square with midwives? What could be more visual than grandmothers handcuffed together?   You name it – we have got do do it.  This needs to be big. It needs to be visual, it needs to be creative enough to get the media talking and the politicians listening.

If we allow this bill to pass, we will never get our NHS back.

If you think market forces are a good thing, please look at the railways.  The government have no mandate to make the biggest changes to the NHS since its creation – and they are not listening to the public nor the professionals who are opposed to this bill.

The Archbishop of Canterbury said “The NHS is institutionalised altruism.  Generations to come will never forgive us if we let this bill pass.”

This is the fight for our lives.

See you on the streets.

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