Government Abandoning Evidence-Based Policy for Ideology on NHS

By Tim Hardy

Dr Clare Gerada told BBC Radio 5live this morning

If one was using evidence we’d look back a year ago and have seen that we had an NHS that was outperforming most health services in the world, had the highest satisfaction amongst our population that it’s ever had, and was delivering safe and value for money care. So if we looked at the evidence rather than the ideology we wouldn’t be having these reforms.

Commenting on the BBC’s decision to run a story proclaiming NHS bill: GPs offer to help with health changes, she noted:

“It makes sense, doesn’t it, for the largest Royal College representing doctors who will be implementing these changes to be around the table with the Government? We must make it work. Isn’t it odd, strange times, when a Royal College offering to work with the Government to make the health service secure and stable makes headlines. It’s very odd times, really, isn’t it?“

In defiance of the dishonest spin placed on it by the Independent, she reiterated the position of The Royal College of GPs in no uncertain terms:

The Royal College of GPs are still asking for this flawed bill to be withdrawn. We think this bill will cause irreversible damage to the NHS. But nevertheless, come what may, we’re doctors and whatever happens, we have to work with the Government and the Department of Health to make whatever happens work. So yes, it is an olive branch – it’s actually asking that we can meet, that we can share experience. We have offered alternatives and that actually, you know, we want to make this work come what may.

But I’m afraid we still oppose this bill.

Meanwhile in last night’s Guardian Polly Toynbee hits back at Shirley Williams who accused her of lying showing that the evidence suggests that if anyone is guilty of trumping truth with tribalism on privatisation and the NHS, it’s the Liberal Democrat peer.