One is Punished for Stubbornly Defending a Bill Without Good Reason

By Tim Hardy

Like all other virtues valour has its limits: overstep them, and you tread the path of vice; consequently a man may go right through the dwelling-place of valour into rashness, stubbornness and madness if he does not know where those boundaries lie: yet at their margins they are not easy to pick out. From this consideration was born the custom observed in warfare of punishing even by death those who stubbornly persist in the defence of a fort when, by the very rules of war, it cannot be sustained.

Montaigne, trans Screech, One is Punished for Stubbornly Defending a Fort Without Good Reason

The claims by apologists for the Health and Social Care bill that they’ve won concessions have been comprehensively shredded by Dr Evan Harris and by A Better NHS.

As Liberal Democrats debate right now what is little more than a self-congratulatory motion intended to block a real motion on dropping the bill, they would be well reminded of the fate that befalls those who persist in a stubborn resistance that cannot be sustained.

Andrew George has warned that this is a virility test now for the coalition. How desperately sad that the future healthcare of the British people is being determined by two millionaires busy trying to prove which of them has the biggest manhood.