Lib Dem MPs To Ignore Conference Over Health Bill

By Tim Hardy

Liberal Democrat Minister Andrew Stunell has dropped strong hints that Liberal Democrat MPs could defy conference over the health bill if grassroots activists vote to drop the bill this weekend.

“MPs and members of the House of Lords are not puppets, we are there to exercise our judgement and I think you’ll find that is what we shall do.”

Is there not a single principle they are not willing to sacrifice?

4 thoughts on “Lib Dem MPs To Ignore Conference Over Health Bill

  1. You would hope that such a move would prompt mass resignations from party members and at least some MPs resigning the whip but you should never underestimate the ability of people to deceive themselves.

  2. If the MPs ignore the grassroots, they should walk en masse and join another Party and make enough noise to let everyone know they are doing it i.e. twitter, facebook etc. The MPs who oppose the bill should also cross the floor.

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