Tories Blame Communists for Opposition to NHS Reforms

By Tim Hardy

Andrew Lansley, resembling more and more a minister of a third-rate banana republic, told ITV Daybreak this morning that the fact that nobody backs the bill is unimportant.

“Actually it isn’t about ‘are you in favour of what I’m saying or not?’ The point is, we are creating through the legislation the opportunity for clinical leaders, doctors and nurses themselves now to take greater responsibility for how they design services to improve the care for their patients.”

The words are garbled, like his bill, but the message is clear. Be quiet, nanny knows best – even when she’s trying to shove a poison pill down your throat.

The story of  Lansley’s ridiculously stage-managed visit to the Royal Free hospital yesterday that saw the Secretary of State for Health running away from critics won’t go away in spite of silence from the mainstream media. Richard Murphy draws attention to the heavy police presence shown in the video, noting

When a minister responsible for health requires police protection in a hospital something is very seriously wrong.

The doctor whose criticism Lansley was unwilling to answer during the visit is retired GP and President of the General Practitioner’s Union Dr Ron Singer.

George Osborne caused controversy last month when he described the BBC as “in the front row of the tumbrils, doing its knitting”, referring to the tricoteuses who gathered to watch the executions of aristocrats during the French Revolution. Today Nadine Dorries dismissed Dr Ron Singer as a “Trotskyist“. What should we make of the Conservatives’ growing obsession with revolutionaries at the gates?

Last year, Lansley rightly slammed Labour for their disastrous IT project for the NHS:

Labour’s IT programme let down the NHS and wasted taxpayers’ money by imposing a top-down IT system on the local NHS, which didn’t fit their needs.

These words look ironic now given that he’s in the middle of imposing a top-down system on the NHS that doesn’t fit its needs.

They look ever more ironic when you learn he’s renewed the IT contract he previously blasted giving a billion pounds in contracts to the American firm responsible for the “unworkable” NHS database.

No doubt the coalition will blame this on “the mess that Labour left us”.

Or on Trots.

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