Tory Plan to Distract from NHS Damage

By Tim Hardy 

The ten things you need to know about the Tory plan to win the next election

(Tim Montgomerie.)

Conservatives are painfully aware that they need to “take the NHS off the table” to win support.

Point seven above shows how Conservatives are aware that their party’s reforms are backed only by those with private healthcare.

Any Liberal Democrat hoping for favours from the Tories for their continued support for the Health and Social Care bill needs to think again. At the next election, they plan to show no mercy and aggressively target your seats.

Today, an analysis of risk assessments produced by the 54 primary care trusts in response to the legislation found children in danger of being physically abused could suffer because of problems and weaknesses caused by the changes.

We do not yet know the full risks of the NHS reforms because the government is refusing to reveal the report into them.

This week’s key events in the campaign to save the health service include the meeting of the Appeals Tribunal to discuss Andrew Lansley’s refusal to publish the NHS Risk Register. Another critical date is the Rally to the Save our NHS on 7 March.

The Conservatives understand that selling off the NHS against the wishes of the electorate and of the advice of the professionals who work there is a very dangerous move. Let’s hope that Liberal Democrat activists can make their leadership understand the same. If they cannot be convinced to save the NHS out of principle then maybe they can be convinced to do so out of self-interest.