The Case Against the Health and Social Care Bill

By Tim Hardy

It is common knowledge that the government has recently applied pressure to the Medical Royal Colleges not to come out publicly against the bill. How can legislation that is meant to empower us be forced through by threatening us? This behaviour is indicative of how very afraid the government are of opposition from our professional bodies.

Refusing the pressure from Number 10, Dr David Wrigley, Dr Jacky Davis, Dr Clive Peedell and Professor Ian Banks have produced a briefing to explain the case against the Health and Social Care bill. It points out that the consequences of Lansley’s NHS reforms passing are:

    • power will be put in the hands of private companies not doctors and patients
    • the cost will go up
    • services will fail leaving patients who cannot afford private healthcare at risk
    • “red tape” will increase (three layers of bureaucracy being replaced by seven)

This is of course the polar opposite of what Cameron and Clegg are claiming will happen. Who to trust, a group of well-informed, healthcare professionals or two rich men with a rather cavalier approach to the truth?

Remember this?

With uncertainty surrounding NHS reforms, [REDACTED] can offer you speedy access to diagnosis, choice of hospital and specialists plus appointment times to suit you.

With prices cut by 20% there’s never been a better time to cover your future healthcare needs.

(Image via @stavvers)

If you want to understand why the coalition MPs are so keen on these reforms it’s worth looking at their intimate relationship with private healthcare companies who stand to profit from them.

The vultures are gathering. If you don’t want the NHS to die and are looking for a good, high-level summary of the case against the Health and Social Care bill, pay a visit to the doctors’ site Lobby Your College for more information.