Farewell to Twitter

By Tim Hardy

I’ve never made a secret of my issues with social media. My original plan for this year was to wait until the Health and Social Care bill had been defeated before finally deleting my twitter account. However, I’ve decided I’d rather not wait that long.

This site will continue and I’m still around to talk in person or via email or phone.

Twitter has been fun and useful but in the end the attention it demands outweighs the advantages for me. There are a lot of people I’ll miss talking to and with whom I hope to stay in touch but I think I will use my time more effectively if I stop tweeting and put that energy towards more substantial projects.

NHS in Peril is an automated newspaper collating stories about the NHS reforms that replaces the similar service I had connected to my old account. It’s linked to @DrNoCuts which will be an announcement-only account.

[Edit: I’ve also created @bc_posts as an announcement-only account for new posts on this site for those who like to subscribe via twitter.]

[Second edit: Twitter have suspended without warning or explanation the @bc_posts account even though it met their terms and conditions on automated accounts. For now the best ways to subscribe are via email or rss.]

[Third edit: following an appeal, twitter have reinstated the @bc_posts account]

See you on the streets!

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