Liberal Democrat Wall of Shame

By Tim Hardy

There are many despicable acts for which this government will be judged but today’s decision to vote against the Lords’ amendments and condemn thousands of disabled people and their families to a future of poverty is one of the lowest yet.

You’d expect such vicious behaviour from Conservatives but the following Liberal Democrats today have proved themselves lower still:

Steve Webb,
Menzies Campbell,
David Laws,
Mark Williams,
David Heath,
Stephen Lloyd,
Jeremy Browne,
Norman Baker,
Roger Williams,
Jo Swinson,
Don Foster,
Gordon Birtwistle,
John Thurso,
Stephen Williams,
Nick Harvey,
Norman Lamb,
John Pugh,
Robert Smith,
Tom Brake,
Danny Alexander,
Malcolm Bruce,
Paul Burstow,
Duncan Hames,
Annette Brooke,
John Hemming,
Simon Wright,
Andrew Stunell,
Julian Huppert,
Edward Davey,
Stephen Gilbert,
Simon Hughes,
Lynne Featherstone,
Dan Rogerson,
Alistair Carmichael,
Tessa Munt,
David Ward,
Lorely Burt,
Alan Beith,
Martin Horwood,
Tim Farron,
Chris Huhne,
Jenny Willott,
Vince Cable,
Nick Clegg

(Source: Hansard.)

These MPs are happily enabling a minority government to carry out a devastating attack on the most vulnerable in society. They have betrayed the espoused values of their party. They have betrayed their supporters. They are even more disgusting than the free-market zealots they support.

The real enemy is the Conservative Party and the main target of our ire has to be the slick, PR man at the helm who is their greatest asset in the polls.

But we must never forget who gave him power.

14 thoughts on “Liberal Democrat Wall of Shame

  1. Hysterical Mark, we’re the sixth largest economy in the World & we’re in trouble – truly laughable & the hype of the Tories was swallowed wholesale permitting them to come to power & penalise ordinary people unnecessarily while topping up the coffers of their corporate sponsors, reducing even more the tax avoidance of the largest corporates so they pay less than 2% tax & fattening up the bankers, something Labour would have been forced to address by now. Properly taxing corporates alone would far & away pay for everything we’re in so-called trouble for, one year’s income form the city would almost see off our so-called unrepayable National Debt, the hype about debt is frankly amazing & demonstrates the lowest intelligence of the voters we’re having to suffer in this cosiety of under-educated morons. If people took an interest in economics & finance, perhaps they’d understand how the balance is moving incredibly fast toward a society of billionaires & haves & a society of increasingly large & dangerous numbers of have nots. Such societies eventually sparked revolutions & that’s hopefully what will happen here, when I will first target those undereducated cynics whose dim-wittedness allowed these criminals to come to power. I will indeed enjoy hanging them & their brats out to dry en masse, then perhaps we’ll be able to return to a decent society where people do actually care for one another & aren’t swayed by unsubstantiated hype & Tory / LibDem blather. Even the international business & economic communities commended the Labour model for future growth, nothing can be said about the regression created by these current self-seeking old boy network cretins.

  2. This is bad. Very bad. The resolution passed at the party conference was, as per the party rules, an absolute matter of party policy. It was passed, quite clearly, in opposition to the direction in which the leadership were going on welfare reform.

    Resolutions passed at conference are entirely democratic – it’s why the Liberal Democrats are democrats… and yet the parliamentary members of the party have just acted, with full complicity, against party policy even though there were no reasons stemming from the coalition agreement to do so.

    This has set a precedent. Previously, the Lib Dems were different from “the other two” (Labour and the Tory party) in that the leaders of the Lib Dems were unable to act against party policy as a matter of ethics, tradition, and arguably most importantly, the rules of the party. Never the less, they have just done just that, and the precedent set by it means that unless they are reprimanded for doing so quite heavily, the democratic rules and traditions of the Lib Dems are now absolutely meaningless, leaving the Lib Dems with a grass root following that’s just as toothless and voiceless as that of the Conservatives and Labour.

    The have sold both the party and it’s principles down the river in a lasting and game changing way. The Lib Dems need to contest them for doing so, removing them from the party leadership if the party is to retain ANY kind of democratic identity, and any chance of recovering from what they have done to the party’s previously good reputation. They have shown their true colours by doing this, they have demonstrated with crystal clarity that they do not represent the party, and they MUST go. It’s them, or the party itself.

  3. This is hardly a surprise is it. Liberals as loony lefty as the best of the Labour commies of the past.
    And you can guarantee that if Labour had stayed in power this country would be bankrupt. Remember the Labour fella who left a note saying “there is no money left”. He was right but he should have also mentioned the millions they wasted. ALL the main parties have failed the people of this country and is there any difference between them? Not when it comes to having their piggy snouts in expenses and getting found out. Me? I’ve decided on English Democrats. Traitorous Labour Scots voting on their kids maying nothing on uni fees whilst voting on English kids to pay is hypocrisy in the extreme. Time for an English parliament and time for a change. The main parties have totally failed the people.

  4. Its trully horrifying that our country which once was great, is now the laughing stock of the world. we allow these gobshites to assume power and then wield it over us like a big bad stick. the likes of sue marsh and all the other activists are doing a great job for the so called underclass and all for no pay. all that effort to produce the spartacus report and it gets deliberatly hidden from view so that it has no impact whatsoever. the media are just as guilty as the government. they have had every opportunity to publish the real facts about disabled people atos i d smith grayling and all those other cronies that follow them around aggreeing because they are told to. here is a thing,, ask all conservative mp’s the following questions and no matter what the answer, tick a yes box and deliver the verdict.
    1) are you a tory?
    2) is your boss called cameron?
    3) do you like disabled people?
    4) do you work / skive in the commons?
    5) do you tell lies to get what you want?
    6) do you ever tell the truth?

    now, no matter what the answer, the verdict will allways be the same,, they are lying scumbags who are unfit for purpose and should be removed from the premises forthwith!
    betcha they would argue and say the test was unfair!
    but this is what they do to real genuine people up and down the land while hiding behind atos and others like them.
    due to the fact that its a tory led sham, its a given that they will take from the poor and give to the rich. they dont like scroungers and in order to maximise that thought, they include every small man in the street with the description of scrounger.
    tories will allways be out for blood, even blue blood.
    we will never learn.
    we will bring them back into power at regular intervals and when we bring labour back we rejoice. then labour get it wrong, just like they did when they let gordon take over, and we want the tories back.
    gordon brown was a rubbish prime minister, but he was a great chancellor, and thats where he made his biggest mistake, he should have stayed chancellor!
    if tony blair retook the leadership of the party now, i would be out looking for the polling station to open so i could vote him for pm.
    lets face it, it was never this bad under tony!
    its about time someone in authority stood up and called for the resignation of camoron, and osborne, and grayling, and smith, and that fruit loop lord freud, and that other sap lord mcnally,,,, what an absolute pile of inhuman shite!

  5. Not my fault. I voted Labour. Our MP does an amazingly good job. His party’s politics are outweighed by his work for the community. I have seen his expence sheet etc it looks fine to me.

  6. One opportunity to show that the liberal democrats are a worthy alternative party, wasted. They have had the opportunity to be a party of power in this debate and show the caring side of politics, they areno better than the conservatives or the new labour party that preceded this farce of a coalition government.
    I might just as well to out and rob a bank, oh the bankers have already done that and walked away with large bonuses. The previous labour government led us into an unecessary war in the middle east just to keep on the god side of mr USA president bush, an arse if ever there was one. Now the vulnerable & disabled, incl my adult son, will suffer. Politics, the only person to enter the houses of Westminster with good intentions was guy Fawkes, such a pity he did. Not succeed. I do not believe this is the Britain that prince William will want to be the king of.
    Something has to change yes, but not at the expense of our most vulnerable. The constant misinformation fed to right wing papers has disadvantaged the already disadvantaged. It is a share that the guardian newspapers may be too late to have any real impact. I now have a pension find that looks to be changing from a private sector final salary scheme, a wife who cared for our son for 20 years without a personal pension plan, and a disabled son whom we will have to continue to support and forego a decent retirement. We will have nothing left to leave our daughter. Thanks libDem coalition. Up yours sideways.

  7. ‘I am not offended with the Tories, they act according to their nature; the prostitute Whigs offend me more’

    – J. Jebb, 1775.

    Plus ça change

  8. I am disgusted with these hypocrites who paraded themselves against new labour as the true left now this seems a bare faced scam – I will not lose sleep over these additions to the dole queue in 2015

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