Freedom Waves Ships Under Threat from Israeli Forces

By Fredrik Walløe

The Freedom Waves ships are about to come under attack from Israeli boats and a military helicopter while still in international waters. Communications with the ships was lost shortly after one boat, the Tahrir, reported that Israeli boats were closing in. An earlier report said that the ships have been ordered to go to head for Egypt or turn around.

Hassan Ghani, a Press TV correspondent who is on one of the boats,  said in an interview that communications had been jammed and Israeli boats were closing in. Activists will offer passive non-violent resistance to the boarding. Ghani said a military helicopter could be seen hovering above. Activists on the ship have described the attack as an illegal act of piracy. You can see the interview in full here.

The boats – Saoirse and the Tahrir – are headed for Gaza in an attempt to break the siege. There are parliamentarians aboard the Saoirse, which is from Ireland. And the Tahrir “carries representatives from Canada, the U.S., Australia, and Palestine“.

Israeli warships closing in

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Electronic Intifada reports that

The U.S. Representative on the Tahrir, Kit Kittredge, was a passenger on the U.S. Boat to Gaza, The Audacity of Hope mission in Athens in July.

A journalist from Democracy Now is on the Tahrir also. Civil society organizations in Gaza await their arrival, and look forward to the delivery of letters collected from thousands of U.S. supporters in the To Gaza With Love campaign.

This map allows you to track the location of one of the flotilla.

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