30 thoughts on “Live Broadcast from #BlocktheBridge from 1pm

  1. Thanks everyone! Knowing people were watching while we were contained on Lambeth Bridge made a huge difference.

    Good work on getting press attention – we can never rely on state and corporate media but getting their attention does get our message out to millions we don’t currently reach.

  2. Extremely proud of all the people on the bridge. Amazing! Hell yes, in my name!

    Solidarity #saveournhs

  3. thanks for the live feed, shared. London Public web cams have been taken off line, but your stream is fine….

  4. Thanks for the live feed, i have shared it. What a wonderful thing the internet is, as the “free” press seem to have been censored or self censored!

  5. Just phoned BBC London. They tell me they are going to cover it. They can’t speak for the national news though.

  6. I’m watching… Trying to get people to email pics and vids to the BBC. Send pics, vids to the BBC by texting 61124. Can you get that message out to people there?

    Email pics, vids or audio to yourpics@bbc.co.uk. Wake up BBC!!

    Also #Blockthebill trending highly on Twitter. Get people to keep up their RTs.

    PLEASE RT!! #Blockthebill.

    • Yes fantastic, on what legal grounds have the police detained people, or have they just decided to do it, British plod thick as shit.
      Let this be a rehearsal for a mega coordinated event. We are the 99%, we can not lose.

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