Time to be Unrealistic

One of the criticisms that are faced by the Spanish Democracia Real Ya protest is that they are not political but in real sense, that is the point.

The media is busy in bringing up scandals of the athletes, ignoring the investigative part of journalism. Additionally, the festive spirit of the protest is also creating concerns regarding the seriousness of the demands portrayed in the protest. This fits in the category of idealist approach.

According to Oscar Wilde, a practical scheme is in existence already. But in reality, it is the condition to which one objects.

Anarchism: What is it?

We are expected to be practical and reasonable. The real meaning of ideology is often taken as common sense. But this is known as capital realism.

But is that scenario really reasonable?

Why do we consider it reasonable to force a young individual from UK to vote for a party that promises to reduce the tuition fee but in reality increases it by threefold? But the government is giving away billions of pounds as tax cuts, still claim that there is no money for education, disabled, pensions or healthcare. Similar is the case with the housing market, the tenants are not given any protection. Level playing field between investors and owner-occupier is the aim of the government, which is increasing the parasitic speculators and their monopoly in the market.
Don’t be reasonable as it is not taking us anywhere:

The protestors have failed to put their trust on the political system. And choosing one or two politicians from the same lot again. This actually represents the lack of confidence of the in the democracy and capitalism.

The heightening crisis has actually blown-up the political model of democracy. The legitimacy that the politicians use during the voting process is manipulating the general people in their own interest.

What does the left dream tells us? West dream is to create a world of human dignity with mutual recognition. But this aim turns into frustration when the stated rights and overall equality is not fulfilled. John Holloway has noted that this system, which actually aims at transformation of society results in the disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Many people have noted that protestors who are protesting are being tried to be pressurized in order to limit the impact of the political pressure that this demonstration could be putting on the government.

London is now talking about the solidarity between the protestors outside Spanish embassy and the People’s Assembly Network. An assembly has been arranged for tomorrow night to support the industrial action on June 30. The protestors from London who are facing the UK uncut issue will be warmly welcomed in this meeting. Additionally anyone supporting the issue and goals of the movement are also welcomed here.

A great event is going to happen. So, it is now the time to be unrealistic. And try something better than before; something new.

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