Protests and Media Attention

Protestors from 57 cities of Spain have been on the roads crying Democracia Real Ya. Occupation of town squares have been down by around 150 people and their plan is to be there till 22 May. However, police have made their try to evict them from there but they have not managed to do so. Even greater number of demonstrations has been planned for tonight.

Despite this great protest, there is no news on the world press. But Twitter is alive somehow with following hash tags given the most priority #acampadasol (camping at Sol square), #democraciarealya and #spanishrevolution

Similar to UK Uncut, social media is the leading platform through which the entire came initiated. The manifesto doesn’t include the sophisticated points that are inherent in any political movement but it does depict the political dissatisfaction and outrage.

Activists and media aren’t on the same page most of the time. There are always issues in getting into news by the activists whether it is the newspaper or television. Most of the organizations are part of the systematic dishonesty.

But the important thing is such protests cannot be contained for very long. What would happen when the protest would go bigger and people would actually like to know about this news? Protestors are not in need of corporate approvals. They have the street power and they can manage getting into the limelight. This particular protest is not on the theoretical demands rather it focuses on what people are going through.

The silence of press and media on this issue is not a concern anymore. Now, social media, blogs and non-traditional media forums provide enough space for us to spread our message. With these platforms, the message can spread enough that the size of the protest wouldn’t remain ignorable.

This protest is not arranged by some extra ordinary people. We are ordinary individuals, just like everyone who have their daily chores pending, who are worried about their jobs and families, which want to meet people and strive for better future.

However, not every individual is same. Some of us are progressive, others are conservative. Some of us might have some political affiliation whereas others could be a political. Similarly, the social economical and moral values of every one of us could be different. But if we take a stand of giving each other the strength, we can build a great force and use that force to bring the positive change in the society. This is why; following arguments are important and make sense.

In advanced societies, the priorities must be solidarity, equality, sustainability, development and freedom of culture. Similarly, each individual in the society must be given basic rights to get education, health, political participation. The issue is that the current political system followed in our country has nothing to do with these aspects. This system is an obstacle in the way of human progress.

According to the definition of democracy, it is for the people and belongs to people. But in most of the societies, it has become more concerned with the power it brings along for the politicians. The current system only supports accumulation of money and abuse of power.

We will have to understand that as individuals, we might not have any value but together we are important for everyone even for our politicians and policymakers. It is our duty that we should not trust the abstract economy. We should strive for an ethical revolution to bring in the change that we want in the society.

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