Civil Liberties are Red Tape

By Tim Hardy

The coalition government are systematically destroying civil liberties out of fear at resistance to their program of vicious, unnecessary cuts and their plans to dismantle the welfare state.

The UK police are being given a free hand to intimidate as well as prosecute. MPs are turning a blind eye when the police overstep the limits of their power. Cuts to legal aid mean that access to legal representation is being restricted. Fear of occupations is driving calls to outlaw squatting. Fear of strikes is driving calls to outlaw industrial action.

And this is all being done with the full support of most of the mainstream media.

Under New Labour, people were concerned that we were sleepwalking into a police state. Now we are goose-stepping into one. The Liberal Democrats abandoned all pretense at concern for civil liberties when offered the chance to take a bullet for the Conservatives in return for the trappings of power. Even now, they are too absorbed by self-pity to stand up for the values on which they were elected.

Fortunately there are a few ministers who are willing to speak out for what is right.

While our government issues guidelines to benefits staff to prepare them for the wave of suicides that has already begun, the richest in the country are seeing their wealth increase and reducing their contributions to charity, the cash-rich continue to inflate the cost of property impoverishing the many and tax avoiding corporations are involved in negotiating a thieves’ charter that will turn Britain into the most grotesque tax haven in the world.

It is up to us to stop them. It is up to us to get the word out to people who are not involved in political activism and have no idea that arrests are being carried out for Orwellian precrimes. It is up to us to challenge organisations like the BBC who refuse to practice journalism and instead are little more than the light entertainment wing of state propaganda.

If resistance is not coming from parliament then resistance has to come from the people. The government understand that too well.

Make no mistake. Just three years after the myths of free-market capitalism were dealt a fatal blow, those who have profited the most by the old order are making a concerted effort to lift up the ladders and defend their privileges with force. Perhaps, looking to the Chinese model, they have discovered that far from being a necessary conjunct to capitalism, democracy is in fact a hindrance to it.

With the media asleep at the wheel, perhaps they think nobody will notice until it is too late.