Uncut Heroes at Home and Around the Globe

By Tim Hardy

In central London today, the Uncut Heroes continued their fight for the real heroes in this struggle, the public sector workers who are being punished for the folly and greed of the banks.

Natwest on Regent Street crumbled before our eyes. Our first foe vanquished without a fight, the team made their way to Portman Square, occupied Natwest and – had a quick nap.

Sleeping Superheroes Natwest 20110226

Fully recharged, the heroes leapt into their NoCutsMobile and made their way to join their colleagues in the struggle at a teach in at Lloyds on Oxford Street, pausing en route to shut down a branch of Vodafone (too easy!), before joining forces and making their way together to Marylebone Natwest to finish the lesson.

Marylebone Natwest 20110226

Although our sneering chancellor would like to claim bad weather is responsible for the recent, appalling economic figures – too arrogant to believe that it might be his party’s reckless, ideological experiment that is wrecking any recovery – not even the miserable British rain could daunt the spirit of our superheroes.

Elsewhere in London, Camden Natwest was turned into a day centre for children. In Islington, a branch of RBS was turned into a laundrette. All around the UK, dozens of actions closed around 40 banks in creative and entertaining ways, with Lewes Uncut going as far as to re-enact the swing riots.

Overseas, with news that in Wisconsin, hundreds of police have joined protesters, our sisters and brothers in US Uncut have been taking the struggle to the streets all over the States with a victory for US Uncut DC who shut down Bank of America.

Glenn Beck must think there’s a conspiracy,  An International Justice League of Radicals. At least he hasn’t called us Nazis – yet.

The enemy vanquished for the day, our heroes melted back into the shadows but they will be back to fight again.

Those with the broadest shoulders are slipping off their load and leaving it to the most vulnerable in society to pay for the folly and the greed of the banks.

Until reality meets the rhetoric of “we’re all in this together” we will never sleep.

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