Light up a Map of the UK Online in Solidarity with the Protesters on the Streets on 26 March

By Tim Hardy

Disabled People Against Cuts Poster for 26 March DemonstrationDisabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) are going to take part in the TUC march for the alternative in protest against government cuts. The demonstration is taking place on 26 March 2011 in London.

“Disabled people are facing continuing attacks against their lives, living standards and basic human rights to live independently from almost every conceivable quarter and it is time for us to fight back against these cuts,” they explain.

“These savage spending cuts damage not only our lives, but our public services, and threaten economic recovery. They’re dangerous, unfair and unnecessary.

Disabled people are going to march to tell the government we demand ‘Rights not Charity’ and to show we are not easy victims of their cuts even though they may think we are.”

Follow plans for the day via the facebook event page or via twitter.

Latentexistence has written powerfully of the ways in which people can campaign online. For those who physically cannot make the protest in spite of the TUC access and disability arrangements but would like to make their presence felt, DPAC and Beyond Clicktivism are working together to bring you a way of doing so. Let’s light up a map of the UK online in solidarity with the protesters on 26 March and show our elected representatives quite how many people oppose their unnecessary, ideological reforms.

More details will be announced over the next two weeks so follow either or both sites to keep up to date. Volunteers interested in helping with coding and setting up a website are very welcome. Please get in touch with either myself or DPAC to offer your assistance.

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  1. Hi there, sounds great! – I’ve joined the Armchair Army in preparation for Saturday and would love to put my work on a map. Where do I find the map, and how do I add my actions etc to it? Thanks!

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