Tomorrow a Cloud Will Follow the Bankers

By Tim Hardy

The day after the first trial run of Sukey helped keep demonstrators safe in London, police used CS spray on a small group of peaceful protesters outside Boots on Oxford Street.

The sublime panic of that moment and its surreal and ridiculous brutality is captured perfectly in a broadcast of Wavelength by William English for Resonance104.4fm featuring a recording by and interview with James Tregaskis.

“The highest expression of civilization is not its art but the supreme tenderness that people are strong enough to feel and to show one another,” wrote Norman Cousins. “Art proceeds out of an exquisite awareness of life.”

Perhaps the coalition government hopes that by destroying education, closing the libraries and slashing funding to the arts that they might be able to reduce us all to the robotic, obedient indifference shown by police in the recording.

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