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New Process Guides New Demand PCB Equipment Factory Attacks Korea Effective

Author:深圳(zhen)市J9九游会AG亿龙电子有限公司 Click: Time:2019-07-16 09:53:20

Due to changes in the PCB soft and hard board process, in addition to the production-to-explosion requirements for the production of the carrier-to-board (SLP) or roll-to-roll (Roll to Roll) method, the reduction in production costs has resulted in PCB equipment pairs for this year. The growth of Korean PCB factory shipments, including Chuanbao, Yutian and Qunyu, benefited from this.

It is reported that the group industry that has been approved by OTC in the IPO case will be listed in the cabinet in September as soon as possible according to the planning progress. Group 翊 focuses on PCB dry process equipment, mainly providing coating, drying, laminating, exposure and other equipment. As the PCB boom rebounds significantly, the PCB factory has stepped up its expansion of new equipment and enhanced automation production, and also provided growth momentum for the group's performance.

It is understood that the main growth kinetic energy of the group includes the mobile phone motherboard, which is introduced into the carrier board by any layer of HDI process, and the soft board factory begins to adopt the roll-to-roll vacuum lamination equipment; and the FC CSP ultra-thin substrate and the ultra-thick PCB for automobiles. The automatic drying line used in the board is also growing.

Chen Anshun, chairman of Qunhao Industry, pointed out that the growth momentum of the group includes the introduction of the mobile phone motherboard by any layer of HDI process. This trend is not only adopted by Apple, but also by Samsung Samsung. Therefore, in addition to Taiwan PCB factory, South Korea PCB The factory also started importing. At the same time, the soft board factory began to adopt the roll-to-roll vacuum laminating equipment, the FC CSP ultra-thin substrate, and the automatic drying line used in the ultra-thick PCB board for automobiles, which are also growing, including the new Jiayuyi in Guanyin. The factory also purchases the equipment of the group and is expected to be accounted for this quarter.

The optical inspection equipment factory is rapidly expanding in the PCB and panel factory by Tian Xinji. The 5G layout also drives a series of industrial upgrading cycles such as packaging, COF, soft board and carrier board. Yutian has preemptively deployed various markets, and each industry has corresponding complete products. The line continued to actively enter the leading manufacturers. Tian Tian pointed out that in the first half of this year, the expansion of the land-based soft board plant expansion business opportunities, in addition to the mainland's largest soft board factory orders, also successfully entered a number of emerging soft board listed companies in South China At the same time, it won the next wave of 5G layout expansion plant of Samsung Supply Chain Korea Soft Board Factory, and all orders for product appearance inspection.

The PCB exposure equipment factory Chuanbao has changed its revenue in the cross-strait market after the whole equipment light source is changed to consume low-power and environmentally-friendly LED light source. As far as the overall Chuanbao revenue is concerned, the second half of the year The collection will show 50% to 50%; as for the latest laser-introduced (LDI) exposure machine in Chuanbao, due to the market demand for fine lines and high specifications, Chuanbao Associate Li Jianzhen pointed out that the current product development is applied. PCB soldering process is the mainstay, and it is also actively entering the market demand for PCB factories in Asia including Korea.

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