Popular products: ordinary double-sided, four-layer thin plate, four, six, eight-layer plates with impedance, half-hole plate, photoelectric LED board, aluminum substrate, high-frequency board


Shenzhen Trenson Billion Dragon Electronic Group Co., Ltd founded in 2010. Headquartered in Baotong building, Baoan district, Shenzhen city, the group now has more than 800 employees.

The main business is the production and manufacture of various types of high density printed circuit boards(Including hard circuit boards, Soft circuit boards and soft and hard bonding plates), Agent distribution of components、 SMT processing、PCB raw material distribution, the total investment in Putian High-tech industrial development zone in Fujian Province is more than 500million yuan, the factory covers an area of 150mu; Annual output of double-sided multi-layer PCB 600thousand square meters, And it is planned to complete the supporting manufacturing and processing services of electronic back-end such as SMT, plug-in etc. the next three years, towards the provision of comprehensive and fast electronic manufacturing services.

Set up offices in Hong Kong、 Singapore、Shanghai、Chengdu and other places, and become a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad high-quality suppliers.

For the full service market, resource integration, the Group established Trenson Billion Dragon(Hong Kong) Co., Ltd in 2011; And set up FPC Business department. And Joint venture Chengdu Xindingxing Electronics Co., Ltd.

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