Health Bill and Privatization of NHS

If you are thinking that the current health system is going to change because Liberal Democrats are said to be taking part in the Health and Social Care bill, then you are actually wrong. It is the same good cop and bad cop strategy that the government and coalition is playing.

Two new amendments in this bill have been tabled by Earl Howe. In the first amendment, the independent regulator is allowed to retain more power and exercise it fully over the foundation trusts. In the second amendment, highlight the requirement from the governors of the trust who believes in increasing the income of the hospital by 5% from the private patients.

Currently, the trust can only raise 2% of the total amount from the private patients.

Another suggestion from the coalition is to grant permission to trust to generation 49% of their income through private medicine.

Do you think you haven’t seen it in the news? Yes, you could be right. Because of all this has happened in the Christmas and New Year holidays. Because this is probably the best time when no one is actually paying attention to the political stuff.

The current amendment actually means that all of this can actually be done even without the vote from the board of governors. What do you think it is all about? It is about the privatization of NHS.

Highlighting today’s requirement, the Shadow Health secretary of Labour Party has said that the current amendment that is being put up by the government shows the behind the scenes deal with the Coalition party. The plan is to make NHS part of the free marketplace. This amendment does not address the concerns of the health professionals or the health sector overall.

What Richard Murphy had to say about it is that it is the Cameron’s salt tax.

Do you know the context of salt test? Salt test was actually charged in India. This was the thing of the colonial rule. The reason of using this analogy here is that it was levied with an element of contempt in it. They were denied the right to get their basic need and the elite were given a free right to make profits from salt.

The reforms of Cameron and his government related to NHS provide a perfect comparison where the elite class is being given more rights and facility in exploiting the poor people of the society. Even the element of contempt exists, which makes this bill exactly similar to the one that has been levied as salt tax by the British on the Indians.

What do you think is the requirement of a Liberal democrat? Do you really think that this is the value that the party wants to communicate to its voters? We aren’t sure but the coalition part of the government is making it do things that wouldn’t have been done otherwise.

Here are some of the suggestions that can improve the current standing of the government Nick Clegg should leave the position of the party leader and must only work as a Deputy Prime Minister.

The situation is not good. Chloe Smith was taken off the stage while addressing one of the NHS rallies. Similarly, Andrew Lansley was to be taken back in security because of the protestors. Conservatives will have to face this reception if this bill is presented for approval. The only safe option that the government has to withdraw the bill.

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