Is Mob Justice Really a solution?

Mob justice is intolerable and it has to end. Fright, anger, and confusion are some of the emotions that people are facing these days. No doubt, the authoritarian style could be appealing but it has to stop. 

Although you might not consider British police as helpful or friendly you’ll have to admit that the people are under unimaginable pressure these days. Execution of the individuals might bring temporary triumph but the underlying message associated with it is highly depressing, rather gives the sense of an assassin mob. 

The violence that has taken place in recent years is not justified at all. As a result of it, five people with hundreds of families were left homeless. The terror in the streets is other than these casualties. This violence is being used for the execution of anti-democratic people, and the people understanding the event are aware of it.                    

The swift sentencing of the all-night court has probably impressed the prime minister as well. He being off the view that why is this justice not served on a daily basis. The only answer to this question is that it is not justice in any sense. 

The sentence given by the court has overall been harsh. Swearing at the police officers has been punished as 10 years of prison. 4 months of prison has been given to youth for ranting and swearing. 

Similarly, six months of prison has been granted in stealing mineral water of £3.50. All these sentences actually portray the injustice with which the judges have punished these individuals. 

The role of the police has been quite unique in this entire situation. They have been painting their perspective in the media. Overall, they are demanding to remain unquestioned. Even the legal observers have been found to be ill-treated by the police. Manchester incidents reveal that they are going beyond the set mark. This attitude even led to the death of a black man for which local police are to be blamed. Again, media was used as the mechanism to hide the issue. 

It is clear that the police have already lost control. Some proponents might fight for more power for the police but the way police have misused their existing powers already, which opposes the grant of more power.

The police are not alone in abusing power. The phone-hacking scandal has also released multiple insights. There is a nexus between corrupt police officers, politicians, and corrupt journalists. Even, the special treatment for the elites, the moral decay of the society, and the agenda of the neoliberals are impacting the overall culture of the society.

The looters are roaming the streets, taking advantage of the chaos. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has not remained behind in taking advantage of the situation. He is supporting the eviction of families of people who were the part of riots.  

With this policy in place, you are not making the parents more responsible for their children rather this policy is going to punish the non-guilty siblings for the crime too, which isn’t acceptable. Gandhi mentioned, that an eye for an eye would make the entire society blind, if we’ll start following this policy, this would be far more brutal than this. 

If you cannot see, what is wrong with the collective punishment of families then there is something profoundly wrong with your moral compass.

The entire justice system is based on the concept that the crimes should be punished proportionately. In order to fix the damage that has been caused to society, it is essential that the people who participated in the riots should be asked to serve in community services. In this way, they’ll learn to be better citizens rather than just crowding the jails and deteriorating their moral values even further. 

If you are proposing that the victims have to be given justice then you’ll have to look into this element that the looters and robbers have the same relationship to all of us. We cannot eradicate one mob with another. We need to show some compassion and calm. Prejudice and anger should not blind our eyes. And we should not create a broken society rather amend the existing problems and develop societal cohesion. 

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