Campaigning Online:

Spending your entire life as a political activist and then leaving your say because of the chronic disease is something that many of us might have to face, considering the traditional world setting. But going through a chronic illness doesn’t mean that you can’t be a political activist anymore. The changing times and the availability of technology have actually enabled us to raise our voice and keep our political influence alive.

All of this is possible because of the some cases; the internet has actually extended a more powerful hand to the political activists who have been looking to promote a party or particular statesman.

Activism on the internet is something broad. It is not limited to signing petitions or liking certain types of Facebook posts or Twitter tweets. Petitions are no doubt important but in reality, they are less important than the debate. Debate through letters and words provides the real power to the activist and this is how the modern-day activists are expected to invest his/her time and effort.

Here are some of the important aspects through which you can create a difference. You can raise awareness, drive a particular debate and create influence. Millions of people are using social media platforms. You can actually reach most of them and all of this is possible through the internet and social media. You can also see what your friends are doing and supporting online.

Going viral is not a new phase now. Something really good can actually go viral ringing in all the attention for you and you alone. You can easily use this attention of user to influence them according to your mindset. Internet actually provides greater power as compared to what could be achieved through street campaigning.

As everyone is on social media, so you can easily interact with people from different professions or, get in touch with them and know their point of view about a particular subject. There is no distinction between a journalist, a simple user and a politician while you are using the social media platforms. No one is going to get an edge. It is a complete leveler.

There are different websites available that provide you with opportunity to have close look at your elected representatives and the tasks that they have accomplished you can even send them recommendations by email. Following the Twitter count of your local representative can keep you aware of the issues being addressed and the ones that are still left. Using these methods can actually generate a healthy conversation between parties, leading to a better resolution of the issue.

Clifford Singer has highlighted that the nature of protest has also been changed after the social media has gained can now unite different groups and help in organizing and coordinating actions for a real protest.

The argument here is not in support of limiting the street protest or moving specifically to the internet-based protest. But it is true that forming options and shaping ideas require time and constant effort, which can actually be achieved through internet and social media. So, it is really not a very bad place to start the protest agenda.

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