Capitalism vs. A System of Equality

Police have established its position as one of the politicized force because of which Matthew Hall has called them the “armed enforcers of government cuts”. Asking “unscheduled questions” is a new crime, giving the police the right to arrest people. In reality, it is a new way to limit the right of speech to people regarding local services.

All of this is happening in a democracy and this is more worrisome as compared to the brutal handling of the local citizens by the frontline officers just with an aim to give left-wing people a lesson.

But what these “armed enforcers” don’t realize is that they cannot limit ideas. It is possible to arrest people on petty issues, humiliate them, beat them but this won’t help in limiting the idea.

Capitalism does exist but it is based on fiction and needs the made-up stories for sustenance.

The current structure is a sheer contradiction but we are forced to live with it. it is an oppressive mechanism where the value is measured in terms of money only. The proponents of this system know that a particular system won’t provide a perfectionist approach, so to prove that capitalism is right, all other systems are considered horrible. They portray that it might not be the best but definitely, it is not the worst. They believe that capitalism could be unjust but there is no element of criminality. Africans have no value in the entire system but the racist nationalist declaration isn’t allowed either. Capitalism can kill Iraqis with airplanes but it does not allow to cutthroats as it happens in some other systems.

The current situation of the Middle East is just because the idea of freedom is very strong to ignore.

The weird part is that both the left and the right parliamentary leaders unite when people show their solidarity with the people of Tunisia, Egypt, and Bahrain. It is true that we are not under the control of a tyrant ruler but that doesn’t mean that we are being given all the rights and we shouldn’t talk about the injustice anymore.

The sense of injustice has prevailed all around. As an example, I would give reference to a random conversation at a pub. The UK uncut was seen as a demeaning policy for the taxpayers. It was considered as a favor for the privileged and was becoming the reason for the increasing number of protestors over time.

No one can declare this mindset as an extreme one rather it is just a common sense that no one can deny, however, being the part of the market, everyone manages to live with it.

Even the police of the area have confessed that they can’t handle such protests. But HM Treasury has started giving them training. The importance of the movement has not remained limited to the UK, rather US uncut are also initiating their ACTION.

If you are wondering, how can we limit the privileges for the rich and optimize the use of resources, then there is probably only one solution for that? This is to make the entire idea global, blocking all the tax havens, reducing the bank’s funding, and treating the tax evaders with a stern hand. Doing this at the country level won’t help; it will have to be global.

The government, departments, and officials can use different tactics but ultimately they’ll have to stop as we cannot be defeated. They cannot defeat the idea.

If you are fed up with low wages, lesser privileges but longer working hours, then this is the time to take the right stand.

Be the part of a protest on Saturday 19th with the main event held in London and associated vents being managed in all the other parts of the UK.

This is just the start. Another protest has been arranged for February 26 because the even US is not going to be quite and demands your presence as well. Let’s unite and change everything.

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