Twitter: is it really wasting our time?

Twitter is the wastage of time and energy in sending messages, which aren’t very important.

Twitter is currently being used as the medium without any specific focus or concern. People send meaningless messages just like the meaningless conversations that have been going around in the cafes, restaurant and even on the telephone. But with this, it can easily be deduced that Twitter has lost all its charm and importance. Even the inconsequential messages that are exchanged on Twitter are not very inconsequential.

So, what does it actually do?

World can know more about the disaster zones and oppression going on in different parts of world

Obtain information from the people who need help in these disaster zones

Creates awareness about the causes of the disasters, missing people and the rebellious movement going on.

Twitter also help in creating coordination between the Protestants fighting for their rights.

It can also inform people about different news earlier as compared to the mainstream media.

All of these points are quite important. But these activities don’t highlight all the functions for which Twitter is being used. Here are some more of them. If you haven’t considered these factors before, we would be glad to highlight them for you.

You can get in touch with people of different skills and qualities. The interaction with these people can actually help you in learning different and new things.

Networking is another important aspect of Twitter. You can connect with people of higher importance and can generate benefit for yourself.

Provide you with experts to share your issues or problems.

Allows the customers to highlight their experiences with a particular product or brand

Even government uses Twitter to provide information to people.

People can even talk directly with each other. This includes access to people from all walks of life.

Even more, Twitter can also:

Allow people to share the inconsequential messages and form new relationships and friendships. It can allow you to gather support when you are in need and extend help to others for attaining the feeling of satisfaction.

People who are in isolation due to any reason can interact with people around the world through Twitter.

You might be considering Twitter inconsequential but in reality, it is not as inconsequential as it is portrayed. There are witnesses who can speak in favor of each of these points that have been mentioned. Many of them would have been experienced by you definitely. None of this was possible if Twitter was really as inconsequential as some people portray it to be. Some sick and disabled people could be considering it a lifeline through which thy can actually connect with people all around the world and enjoy what they have been missing because of their health condition. Even keeping in touch with the family and close friends is something that Twitter facilitates.

We should not be considering it too unimportant or wastage of time. It can actually be used for some all depends on the users.

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